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Fixed Assets System
Able to specify assets type as you wish.
Able to set supplier detail, address, or phone number for easy to contact later.
Able to specify asset department and asset location.
Able to specify asset model and asset brand.
Able to specify asset responsible employee.
Able to record detail information of asset such as name , type , department , location , purchase date , purchase from whom and cost, insur¬ance company , insurance time ,insurance premium and insurance end.
Able to record asset sell for information of loss and profit.
Able to record asset maintain and repair cost for keep as asset information.
Able to record information of asset during construction.
Able to record information of asset during construction.
Able to record asset transfer between departments.
Able to record asset evaluate.
Able to record picture of each asset.
Able to record asset cancel.
Able to post automatic asset depreciation to myAccount.
Able to set your own depreciation rate such as 20%, 30% separate by asset type.
FA Report
Fixed assets card report
PC Payment – DailyMain data report (sort by asset type, department, place, unit, supplier, brand, insurance company, responsible employee, model, group, account chart)
Detail report of asset (sort by id, purchase date, depart¬ment, placement, type, insurance expired date, employee)
Asset report with deduct depreciation according to royal decree.
Depreciation report (separate by group, department, type, department and type)
Monthly depreciation report separate by department (sort by type, department and type)
Assets value report at present day (Book value)
Monthly depreciation report.
Summary report of asset value depreciation.
Daily information report
Asset report during construction.
Repair and maintenance report.
Asset auditing report.
Asset transfer report.
Asset allocates report.
Sale asset report.
Stop using asset report.