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Cheque And Bank System
Can control all process of cheque receive and cheque payment include cheque receive record, discount cheque, cheque pay in, cheque honor, cheque return, cheque cancel and cheque replace.
Able to record bank statement moving and pay in-withdraw transaction.
Able to transfer money between book banks include bank fee.
Able to record income from bank (interest, withholding tax) and bank charged (interest, bank fee, withholding tax).
Able to print out bank statement and future statement (pay).
Able to view cheque report separate by status.
Able to print bank balance separate by bank and separate by saving account type.
Able to print cheque receive due registration and cheque payment due registration.
Able to show cheque receive date and cheque payment date on calendar with drill down option for cheque detail.
Able to create your own cheque form with scan cheque form of each bank in to program for print as cheque payment.
CQ Calendar
CQ Receive Cheqdate
CQ Payment Cheqdate
CQ Report
CQ Receive
CQ Receive Payin
CQ Receive Honor
CQ Receive Return
CQ Payment Honor
CQ Payment Return
CQ Payment cancel
Beginning Balance of Cheque Payment
CQ Payment Return-Cheque change
CQ change (Payment)
CQ Receive Return-Cheque change
CQ Receive Cancel
Beginning Balance of Cheque Receive
CQ Payment
Cash Deposit
Cash Withdraw
Transfer between bank Account
Bank income – Interest income
Bank Expense
Credit card Report
CQ Analysis Report
CQ Customer Aging
CQ Receive separate by customer
CQ Receive Bank Reconcile
CQ Pay Bank Reconcile
CQ Received Status
CQ Payment Status
CQ Result Bank
CQ Result Book Bank type
Statement pay Previous