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General Ledger System
Able to record compound entry accounting (infinite debit and credit).
Able to record multi invoice in one voucher and report of input tax and output tax separate by invoice.
Able to unlimited record cheque receive and cheque payment in one voucher.
Quickly entry menu for quick record of purchase and sale account.
Able to create your own template for usually account transaction recording.
Able to optimize standard chart of account to suit your system or create your own chart account as you wish.
Automatic allocating chart of account to any department.
Able to instantly working without beginning balance.
Automatic setting running document separate by day book.
Able to separate department, branch and project (job).
Able to view budget detail combine or separate statement of department, branch or project.
English or Thai statement.
Able to create financial statement such as balance sheet ,profit and loss statement , cash flow, monthly or annual comparable statement ,department or job comparable statement
Able to print withholding income tax insurance include of P.N.D 3, P.N.D.53(Include front page and attachment)
Able to create pre-payment document for propose to executive to approve before post transaction to GL.
Able to view report of statement even not close account budget period.
Able to transfer daily transaction data or beginning balance from branch in case of want to combine GL data to head office.
Able to batch post or real time post daily transaction to ledger account.
Able to reconcile chart of account between debit and credit ,able to view a report of ledger account, daily data, trial balance,combine or separate branch work sheet.
General Ledger System
Journal Entry
Journal Entry (Summary)
General Ledger Report
General Ledger Report (Summary)
Details Added to Account
Details Added to Account (Combined Category)
Beginning Balance
Account Reconciliation
Balance of Non-Reconcile Account
CQ Receive
CQ Payment
GL Form