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Account Payable System
Able to record beginning balance of account payable one by one with or without tax separate by department.
Able to record new credit non stock by reference from purchase order document or deposit document.
Able to checking re order goods of each supplier.
Able to prepare Pre-Payment to pay to account payable with infinite cheque.
Able to view bill acceptant date, payment date form receive bill, payment date from calendar and drill down to view stub data.
Able to payment by cash, cheque, money transfer and many payment detail such as cash discount, interest payable, bank fee, and other in¬come in one bill.
Able to pay many accounts payable by one cheque.
Support partial payment and over payment.
Able to print payable cheque and withholding tax from payment record.
Able to set time period for account payable aging analysis.
Able to set supplier credit term.
A report of tax invoice / accrued shipment invoice with account payable, payment due date, over due date as a criteria.
Creditor movement card report one by one
Account payable status report and future analysis report of account payable aging.
AP Calendar
Bill Acceptance Calendar 
Due Payment Calendar From Receive Bill
Payment Calendar
AP Report
Beginning Balance of Account Payable
Credit Non-Stock
Bill Acceptance
Pre-Payments by Status of Payments
AP Analysis Report
Accrued Invoice
Due Invoice
Overdue Invoice
Account Payable Card
Account Payable Status
Aging Payable analysis Report
Aging Payable in Future Analysis Report
Forecast Payment
AP Form
A/P Voucher of Others Credit Purchase
Bill Acceptance
Pre-Payment Voucher
Payment Voucher