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Sale order System
Able to record customer shipment due date.
Able to set customer credit date and credit term.
Able to view daily report of quotation, credit sale and shipment date from calendar by month period, document number or customer id as criteria.
Able to delete sale booking, sale order and accrued balance.
Able to partial delete sale booking and sale order.
Able to set on hold of quotation, sale booking and sale order.
Able to copy quotation as fast as customer wish to beat an opponent.
Able to copy quotation and sale order.
Customize your own form, quotation, sale booking, sale order, and tax invoice or shipment document as you wish.
In case of step sale of sale booking, sale order program will control booking balance and back order with sale stock report.
An option to check credit limit from beginning of sale order.
An option to set for check customer credit limit in quotation menu screen , sale confirmation , sale order , an option to sale over sale booking amount, sale over sale confirmation ,warning alert when has deposit of account receivable, sale lower than cost, confirmation over quotation which has to be set in SO system.
Able to check cost and stock remain.
Able to view history of sale by selected goods portion, account receivable as you wish.
Able to view remain order.
Ale to record sale invoice without beginning goods balance.
Automatic default set price according to specific unit.
Able to view sale history report by customer, good, sale type, time period as criteria.
Able to sale set type goods.
Able to mark many shipment place (ship to).
Able to analysis latest N time sale history for show goods price, credit, cash discount, and other agreement to helping decide increase credit limit.
Able to analysis sale data monthly, quarter, haft a year or hold year and record sale statistic.
SO Calendar
Delivery Calendar
Daily Calendar
SO Report
Confirm order Total
Sale Order Total
Cash Sale Total
Confirm Order
Sale Order
Remain Order
Cash Sale
Credit Sale
Credit Sale Total
Return, Credit Note
Debit Note
Cancel Invoice
Receive Deposit
Remain Deposit
Deposit moving
Receive Deposit by Expire Date
So Analysis Report
Summarize Daily Sale
Summarize Monthly Sale
Analysis Cash Sale
Analysis Credit Sale
Analysis Net Sale
Make a Range of Sale Total
Analysis Sale total/Customer (descending)
Compare Sale Total (Monthly)
Analysis Customer Total/Goods(descending)
Commissions Report
Compare Sale Total-sale Quantity for 12 Months
Compare Sale Target/Total Sales by Employee
Compare Sale Target/Total Sales by Period
So Report
Order Confirmation
Sale Order
Cash Sale Tax Invoice
Cash Sale Invoice (No Vat)
Invoice/Tax Invoice
Invoice (No Vat)
Credit Note (Vat)
Credit Note (No Vat)
Debit Note (Vat)
Debit Note (No Vat)
Receive Deposit (Vat)
Receive Deposit (No Vat)
Credit Note (Cash)