Purchase Order System
Purchase Order able to copy and clear.
Able to separate purchase order document by branch, department or job.
There is analytic report of purchase history latest N time, show credit date cost help to decide purchase.
Show purchasing history report by customer, goods, purchase type and time period as criteria.
Program will send credit purchase data to any relate system in stock system, input tax report in VAT system and general ledger in GL System.
In one tax invoice can purchase goods with or without tax.
Purchased record can separate in goods or service also can adjust equally balance with account payable.
Able to recording debit note or credit note with or without refer to tax invoice and can set to effect stock or not.
Able to purchase more than the credit limit of account payable.
Warning alert if there is deposit from account payable and can cutoff many deposit balance.
Can record future payment separate by department or job.
Can record purchase order with or without purchase order document.
Able to compare goods receive amount and goods purchased amount either equal or not.
PO Report
Purchase Order
Accrued Goods
Cash Purchase
Credit Purchase
Return Goods, credit Note
Debit Note
Deposit Payment
Balance Deposit
Deposit Moving
Deposit Payment by Expire Date
PO Analysis Report
Analysis Net Purchase
Summarize Daily Purchase
Summarize Report of Credit Purchas
Summarize Monthly Purchase Total
Compare Purchase Total(Monthly)
Vendor Performance Analysis Report
Compare Purchase Total-Purchase Quantity for 12 Months
Make a Range of Purchase Total-Purchase Quantity
PO Form
Purchase Order
A/P Voucher Credit Purchase
A/P Voucher Increase Debt
A/P Voucher Cash Purchase
A/P Voucher Decrease Debt
Payment Voucher of Deposit Payment