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Prosoft myAccount
Friendly GUI (Graphic user Interface).
Create your own My Menu.
Powerful search engine fast and easy to find.
Authorization based system.
Fast and easy to use according to Accounting Standard.
Switch between users without exit application.
Work from branch office with modem login.
Able to set infinite year period.
Customize your own Report and Form
Report of latest 10 last recently use.
History tab of document referenced to other transaction. Able to drilldown to document stab.
Date period report with detail view option or summary view option.
Daily report can drill down to find where document came from.
Combine branches or separate branch to view report or run document number of each system in real time and in every branch.
Use any character as a document running number or use automatic running number or input directly.
Start working and continue working without beginning balance necessary (you can set value anytime).
Based on Online processing system, application will update immediately when the data has any changes.
You can use your own company logo to any application form.
Able to set retrieving data option of any menu.
Compatible with Post GL include real time post and batch post.
Create many type of Post GL to record data, example Post GL per each goods or post with summary.
Able to set discount per goods per bill in many level include percentage ratio or money amount.
Thai or English report.
Maximum 4 decimal notation for calculate goods amount and price per good.
You can create group of account receivable, credit term, and credit day for each customer and able to set account receivable important level.
Can set checking account receivable credit limit or cutoff credit limit from payment or check honor.
Can checking stock balance from any screen of Goods System.
Can entry infinite description of goods.
Support partial receipt – payment and able to scan check form for print to paid.
Can set account receivable, account payable and book bank status (Inactive and On Hold).
Can setting tax rate, when there are any changes from revenue.
Can view document referenced status any time.